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Preparative Chromatography

Preparative chromatography technique is useful in separating the smaller molecules using the different equipment.

No matter what is the complexity and the level of separation and purification of the components are. The main purpose of such type of chromatography is to separate the isolated components of a compound which then used in the research lab by the researchers. The process is well appreciated for delivering the accurate results. This technique is also used in separating the two strings of DNA which are differ from each other with just less quantity of data.

Preparative chromatography is widely used as the purification process using the liquid chromatography.

HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) are suitable for cutting edge areas of range of applications. It helps in finding accurate solution to the chromatographic separations required for mixture of compounds. The solution can be optimized with the best possible way to meet the challenges of the simple to complex mixture or solvents.

Preparative Chromatography

The scientists and engineers in different corners of the world are using this separation process for the best economic production of the products and research in their particular industry and application.

It is also used in chemical engineering for separating and purifying the compounds irrespective of the amount of the compound to be separated. At the end, the desired compound is available in the original state. This process allows you to optimize the separation based on the retention, resolution as well as the analysis time of the separation and purification of the required component. In all, it minimizes the complete separation process time. The range of systems is available to improve the purity and speed of the separation process, thus making this chromatography technique more committed.

Preparative Chromatography


  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Industrial chemical plants
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Research labs
  • Organic synthesis
  • Purification of a synthetic compound
  • Purification of plant pigments
  • Purification of a synthetic peptide

Swambe Chemicals deals with the latest products and technologies to fulfill the demands of chromatographic separations. Our offered products are designed and manufactured in a way to provide most effective outcome for resolving the complex mixtures. The maximum power, efficiency, reproducibility and stability enhance the chances of getting best possible resolution for the required application.

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