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Silica Gel White Crystals

White silica gel in crystal form is an active adsorbent that can adsorb moisture from gases and liquids.

This type of silica gel in granular or beaded form is used in many industries where there is a need of desiccant or adsorbent with high moisture adsorption capacity. It offers non-toxic and non-corrosive moisture controlling solution that can be used for protecting and preserving the products with great effectiveness. The color of silica gel white crystals turns into milky or hazy white when it adsorbs as much moisture as it can. It indicates that now silica gel needs to be replaced or regenerated. After regeneration process, it again comes into its original transparent white color.

This silica gel has higher capacity to adsorb moisture as compared to indicating silica gel.

Therefore, it is widely used as desiccants, adsorbent, dehydrating agent, catalyst carrier, air & gas drier as well as rust prevention material. It is available in different mesh sizes such as 1-2 mesh, 3-4 mesh, 5-8 mesh, 9-16 mesh etc.

Silica Gel White Crystals

The most suitable mesh size needs to be selected based on the application. It can be used in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, fertilizer plants, dehumidification process, optical instruments, drying of air & gases and several other industries and their relevant applications.

It also prevents the spoilage of goods as a result of the growth of mold. This type of silica gel is free from impurities such as sulphates, chlorides and other contaminated substances that make this desiccant more efficient adsorption material. The higher moisture in the air, the large amount of water vapors it adsorbs before reaching to its stability.

Silica Gel White Crystals

Benefits of Silica Gel White Crystals

  • Effective moisture adsorption
  • High durability and stability
  • Maximum drying silica gel
  • Works as a preservation agent
  • Do not react with other substances

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