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Silica Gel for Breather Transformer

Silica gel is an adsorbent that helps in adsorbing the moisture, humidity, odor etc, from the products and helps in maintaining their effectiveness.

Silica gel is used in breather transformers for controlling the level of moisture and prevents it from entering the equipment. They are mainly useful in protecting the transformer oil from the damaging effects of moisture. Silica gel blue crystals and orange beads work effectively in this application. They are manufactured by keeping in mind the requirement of the application as per the industry standards.

When load on transformer increases, it gradually increases the flow of current too.

With the current increment, heat degenerated into the transformer oil. This result into the less denser transformer oil and moves into the preservation stage. The heat from the hot transformer oil gets started dissolved in the air. This way breather transformer inhales the air containing the moisture.

Silica Gel Breather Transformer

Such contact of oil and air with moisture may affect the purity of the oil and thus may damage its insulation parts. In order to avoid such type of damage due to entry of moisture into the transformer oil, silica gel is used.

When the crystals or beads of silica gel adsorb the moisture, their color turns from blue to pink. Silica gel is available in range of grades and mesh sizes that make it a perfect adsorbent for air breathers. You need to select the most suitable silica gel based on the exact specification and quantity required for the application. This adsorbent has the ability to enhance the breather transformer efficiency by controlling the moisture to get entered into the transformer oil.

Silica Gel Breather Transformer

Features of Silica Gel

  • High adsorption capacity
  • Ability to control moisture entry
  • High efficiency power
  • Highly stable and reliable

Swambe Chemicals is the manufacturer and supplier of quality silica gel used as the breather transformer in range of applications. Our main aim is to meet the needs of our clients by providing the silica gel with different specifications and different mesh sizes. Silica gel offered by us is well known for its supreme quality available at the most reasonable prices. Get this drying agent and improves the function of breather transformer.

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