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Silica Gel Blue Crystals

Silica gel is well popular adsorbent used for controlling the moisture in range of industries and applications.

The main purpose of using silica gel is to prevent the moisture and humidity to damage the products and equipment. It is considered as the most effective way to keep the level of moisture moderate, so that it cannot affect the packaging products and other applications. The silica gel available in blue crystals has the power to adsorb the moisture in the sealed containers, to reduce the humidity level inside the large containers or storage area, and to prevent the equipment and instruments from the corrosion. It is also known as the indicating silica gel and blue desiccants.

Silica gel blue crystals are generally looks like glassy and semi transparent substance that contains cobalt as an indicator.

Basically, the inner structure of crystals has the ability to attract and hold the hydrocarbons, chemicals and others. When the crystals turn into pink color, it indicates that silica gel has adsorbed the moisture to its capacity and needs to be replaced or regenerated.

Silica gel blue crystals

These crystals can also be regenerated by heating them at a temperature of 150°C. It mainly acts as a desiccant for packaging products. It has the capacity to adsorb 40% of its weight of water vapors.

The range of particle crystals size include 1-3 mesh, 3-4 mesh, 3-8 mesh, 5-8, 9-16 mesh etc. The most suitable mesh size is used based on the application as well as the quantity of the products. It offers long term results without any hazardous effects. The large surface area, chemical stability and numerous micro pores helps this adsorbent to make the products free from moisture. Get this indicator to determine the extent of dehumidification as per your needs.

Silica gel blue crystals


  • Breather Transformer
  • Separation and purification of natural gas
  • Military equipment
  • Hearing aids
  • Catalyst carrier

Swambe Chemicals is the leading supplier of silica gel blue crystals which are used in number of industrial applications as well as in the products packaging of food and pharmaceutical industry. They are available in small pouches and in bulk quantity to meet the demands of all clients and their respective applications.

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