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Silica Gel Column Chromatography

In this type of chromatography, a stationary phase contains solid adsorbent while the mobile phase contains the liquid or mixture of compounds.

For the chromatographic separations, the adsorbent is placed in vertical glass column and the mixture is flow down through the column in the mobile phase. The gravitational force or external pressure is used to pass the liquid through the column. It gives highly effective results in isolating the desired compounds from a mixture. The adsorbents such as Silica gel and alumina are commonly used for column chromatography.

These adsorbents are used in different mesh sizes which are selected based on the complexity of the mixture, water content present in it as well as on the molecules of the desired compound.

The size of the adsorbent affects the flow of solvent through the column. It means that adsorbent with higher mesh size is used for flash chromatography where solvent flow down the column using positive air pressure, while the adsorbent with lower mesh size is suitable for gravity chromatography where gravity helps the solvent to flow down the column.

Silica Gel Column Chromatography

The colored separated compounds simply indicate the successful chromatography procedure. This way, the process of separation of the compounds from the mixture can easily be monitored.

But, if the compounds that need to be separated remain colorless, it would be difficult to indicate whether you have obtained the desired compounds or not. In those situations, small fractions of eluent are put together successively in the columns. The composition of each fraction is analyzed by thin layer chromatography to find out if the separation process is successful. Swambe Chemicals offers range of adsorbents used for column chromatography to meet the demands of research labs and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our supplied adsorbents ensure to provide highly positive outcome for chromatographic separations and are also suitable for range of applications.

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