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Silica Gel for Dehumidification

Being one of the most effective adsorbent and desiccant, silica gel is widely used in variety of applications.

It plays a great role in enhancing the performance of dehumidification systems. Several industries use it as a desiccant for controlling the level of humidity in the packaged products and various industrial equipments. The excessive humidity can cause damage to the products and performance of the equipments. Silica gel for dehumidification is available in different beads and crystals form is ideal to reduce or eliminate the moisture.

Silica gel is a moisture adsorbing substance and has a color changing properties that make you able to indicate the level of humidity adsorption.

It enables you to recognize that silica gel needs to be heated at some temperature and can be reused. The technology behind using this desiccant for dehumidification is simple and effective to be worked as a powerful dehumidifier as compared to other types of adsorbents and desiccants.

Silica Gel Dehumdification

It helps in making dehumidifier system more active so that it can adsorb as much moisture as it can. Along with silica gel, you can also use humidity indicating cards that help you to indicate the level of humidity and helps to fight against the humidity related issues.

The ability to drink up the humidity makes silica gel a most suitable desiccant as a dehumidifying agent. The different mesh sizes are used as per the application requirement, storage area, amount of packaging products etc. They are available in packets, pouches and in bulk quantity that gives best possible outcome based on their exact use. You must know the amount of gel required enough to reduce the humidity level. Such type of desiccant is safe for food, pharmaceutical, electronics, textile and several other industries.

Silica Gel Dehumdification

Benefits of Silica Gel for Dehumidification

  • Regenerated desiccant
  • Ideal for dehumidifiers
  • Can be regenerated
  • Economical way for protection from humidity

Swambe Chemicals manufactures and supplies world-class silica gel which is DMF free, non-toxic and gives highly positive results for the dehumidification process. Blue and white crystals of silica gel are perfect desiccants for protecting the products and systems from corrosion, condensation, mildew and other damaging effects.

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